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I am Kerry Chapman a creative yet pragmatic interior designer.  Along side a quirky interiors shop on Catherine Hill, Frome I also run a very successful interior design studio specialising in hotel refurbishment and residential projects.


Over the twenty years in interior design I have worked with and along side the renowned hotel goup von Essen hotels, Longleat Hotel Group, Ripples Bathrooms and Jane Clayton to name a few.  I have recently completed designs for a stunning hotel in Aberdeen and a hotel in Sandbanks, Poole.


I believe in bringing outstanding design and quality to all areas of interior design. I am believe in 'old school' design, you will normally find me at my what you would call 'retro' drawing board with my rotring pens, magic makers and scalple!  My unique and personal design approach has a following amoung many UK based compaines, celebrities and international clientele.


Hotel Refurbishment - Residential Interiors - Installation

Design and Build - Sourcing and Procurement

CDM - Project Management - Home Staging



Inspirational Person

My Mother


Favourite Designer

Me  *giggle*


Favourite Colour



Favourite Song

Goo Goo Dolls, Iris


Favourite Movie

City of Angels


Favourite Food

Carpaccio of Beef


Favourite Drink



Desert Island Must Have



Guilty Pleasure

Shhhh! I have too many...


Celebrity Crush

Hugh Jackman


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